Santa Margarita Design Plan


The Santa Margarita Design Plan is intended to guide new development to fit within the historical and rural character of Santa Margarita, and the installation of public improvements in the downtown area that encourage pedestrian and social activity and calm traffic. The Plan addresses the appearance of the public spaces, streets, and development within Santa Margarita, and responds to the preferences of the community's representatives with policies to guide future development.  

The Design Plan provides a common framework for making decisions about projects that may affect the appearance of individual properties or the overall rural character of Santa Margarita. It is intended to convey a community consensus about commercial and neighborhood design achieved through public meetings and workshops. To realize the vision for Santa Margarita, design standards and guidelines are adopted to provide direction and promote communication about the best methods to achieve their intent.  

The Design Plan was the product of community input, and provides a solid foundation for decision makers to reference when considering new projects.  

Link to Santa Margarita Community Plan